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Instagram Accounts to Follow

Social media gets a lot of bad rep these days. In reality, social media can be a constructive and beneficial tool when used purposefully. For instance, there are many Instagram accounts that advocate for healthier lifestyles, raise awareness for various social and mental health issues, and even provide parenting and relationship tips. Here's a few examples of Instagram accounts that nourish (rather than deplete) our minds and spirits.

Mental Health Awareness

  • Anxiety Management @anxiety_wellbeing

  • The Depression Project @realdepressionproject

  • Mental Health Collective SG @mentalhealthcollectivesg

  • Let's Talk Mental Health @letstalk.mentalhealth


  • Positive & Motivational Quotes @thegoodquote

  • Humans of New York @humansofny

  • Good News Movement @goodnews_movement

  • Upworthy @upworthy

Healthy Lifestyle

  • Healthy Recipes @fithealthyrecipes

  • Delicious Healthy Food @delicioushealthyvideos

  • Self-care Spotlight @selfcarespotlight

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