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HBL... here we go!

“Change is the only constant in life. One’s ability to adapt to those changes will determine your success in life.” Benjamin Franklin

Just when we thought things were becoming more predictable and approaching normal, social restrictions had to be tightened again and schools were asked to switch to home-based learning for the rest of the term. Change – especially unexpected ones - can be frustrating to deal with. However, change provides the opportunity to exercise and increase adaptability – an essential skill for success in life. Rather than fearing change, learn to embrace it and take advantage of opportunities to learn new skills and experience new modes of learning. As we embark on home-based learning, here are some tips to help you adapt and thrive in the virtual learning environment…

#1. Stay focused

Try following the same routines you have when school is offline. For instance, sleep and wake up the same time as a regular school night. It’s easy to let the days spin out of control when you’re at home all day. List down all the things you need to do each day and include them in your daily schedule.

#2. Stay active

Our mental health is closely affected by our physical health. Exercise helps us to think better and feel better. Try to engage in at least one physical activity each day. Walks and bike rides are great ways to stay active while maintaining appropriate social distance from others. You can even download exercise apps or watch Youtube videos to keep you active indoors.

#3. Stay connected

Socializing with others is vital to mental health. Although it may be hard to meet friends in-person right now, you can connect with them virtually. Video chats and phone calls are great ways to stay in touch. There are even many online platforms where you can play games together. Staying connected to others can help to mitigate stress, anxiety, and loneliness.

Browse our website for more resources to support your mental and emotional health during the home-based learning period!

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